Pebble Green

We are living in a precious world. The natural resources of planet Earth are limited and if we don’t change the way we currently use these resources we will eventually exhaust our own planet. Pebble wants to leave a better, cleaner, healthier and happier world for ourselves, our children and all generations to follow. Although we are just small in this large world, we believe that change starts small. Think big, start small.

At Pebble, we have the ambition to operate as a carbon neutral company. Therefore, we have developed the mission of Pebble Green:

Lead by example and leave a better world by being a zero waste and carbon neutral company, and encourage our partners and customers to join us on our mission.

This mission is supported by 3 principles In every decision we take, we’re actively evaluating whether this contributes to our Pebble Green mission and principles.

Circular Pebble

Internally we can make a lot of impact. This has lead to the following guidelines:

  • Transport: we encourage Pebblers to travel green. The preferred way of transport is public transport. Pebble provides public transport subscriptions, this can be combined with a bike or bike subscription for the last mile. Of course, not every customer is easily reachable with public transport. In case a Pebbler requires a car we actively encourage an electric car. Driving fuel engine cars is financially discouraged and Pebble will not acquire any fuel driven vehicle.
  • Housing: we are actively looking to have our offices located in circular buildings and environments. Power should come for natural resources and waste should be fully recycled. Also the use of resources should be limited to the max.
  • Procurement: everything we procure is preferably circular. Whether it’s our coffee, toilet paper or mobile devices, we are looking for circularity.


We are actively encouraging partner organizations to join us in our circular ambition. As a Microsoft partner we are proud to support their goals to achieve zero waste in 2030:

Microsoft commits to achieve ‘zero waste’ goals by 2030 – The Official Microsoft Blog


Our solutions run on cloud. Choosing the right solution contributes enormously to sustainability goals. Solutions should be serverless, to run only when required and use minimum required resources:

Microsoft Sustainability Calculator

We work actively with customers to move them to sustainable cloud solutions. If a customer decides to move towards a sustainable solution, Pebble will invest time and effort from our side to help you develop your “Pebble Green” certified solution.


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